The history of our company is connected with “AzerTunelSuIxtisasTikinti” Installation Office which had been established in 1977.  After Soviet Union collapsed and after Azerbaijan Republic restored its independence, Organization continued its activity and was able to finance itself independently. As a result of privatization, Organization was registered as “General partnership of AzerTunelSuTikinti Construction Company of Azizaga Husseinov Abdulla oglu and his partners”.

On 31 May 2007 changing its organizational-juridical form, Company was registered in Ministry of Justice as AzerTunel LLC (Limited Liability Company). Azizaga Husseinov Abdulla oglu is 100 % owner of the shares of Azertunel LLC.

“AzerTunel” LLC is one of the developing and prosperous companies in Azerbaijan Republic. It successfully co-operates with local and foreign companies and has good reputation.

The company is realizing the following type of works:

  • Civil and industrial construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Construction of road pavement and bridges
  • Construction of micro tunnels and tunnels
  • Construction of hydraulic structures
  • Dredging and coast-protecting works
  • Installation of driven and bored piles
  • other specialized works

Since 1996 year “AzerTunel” LLC as AzerTunelSuTikinti Company was participating in different contracts of BP. First Deep Water Jacket “Dada Qorqud” was dispatched from the quay reconstructed by our company for AIOC in Azeri-Chirag. We work with BP contractors during long years such as Mc Dermott Caspian Contractors Inc, BOS SHELF/Star Gulf, Technip Maritime Overseas Ltd, CSM and Caspian Shipping yard and so on. Up today we have carried out many projects with these companies.

“Azertunel” LLC has its own production base in Baku, which is specialized in production of steel and reinforced concrete products. Reinforced concrete pipes with diameter from 400 up to 2000 mm, as well as pipes for microtunneling works, are produced semi-automatically with SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER VARIANT dry cast machine. Manufacturing of reinforced cages for pipes and piles is also automated.

The auto park of trucks and equipment includes more than 700 names and consists of vertical and horizontal drilling rigs, microtunneling equipment, mobile and crawler cranes with the capacity range from 30 up to 225 tons, earth and concrete equipment, marine vessels etc.