History of our company is connected with Special Repair and Construction Office “AzerTunelSuIxtisasTikinti” established in1965. The mentioned organization was acted as an organization becoming subordinate to Moscow in the former USSR and funded directly. After collapse of Soviet Union and after Azerbaijan restored its independence, the Organization continued its activity and was able to finance itself independently for a certain period. As a result of privatization, the Organization was registered as “General partnership of AzerTunelSuTikinti Construction Company of Azizaga Huseynov Abdulla oglu and his partners”. On 31 May 2007 Company changed its organizationaljuridical form and was registered in Ministry of Justice as Azertunel LLC “Azertunel” LLC is one of the permanently developing companies in Azerbaijan Republic. It successfully co-operates with local and foreign companies and got good reputation. The quality of services provided by our company is connected with a lot of technical, organizational and technological grounds. Company has modern equipment, qualified personnel and its own storehouse.The main work of the company is to carry out capital and special construction, hydro-technical and explosive works, construction of industrial structures, civil buildings, highways, bridges, manufacturing of concrete, reinforced concrete, metal structures. Since 1996 year as “AzerTunel” LLC AzerTunelSuTikinti Company is participating in different contracts of BP. First Deep Water Jacket “Dada Qorqud” was dispatched from the quay reconstructed by our company by order of AIOC in Azeri-Chirag. We are working with BP subcontractors during long years such as McDermott Caspian Contractors Inc, BOS SHELF/Star Gulf, Technip Maritime Overseas Ltd, CSM and Caspian Shipping yard etc. Up today we have carried out several projects with these companies. For execution of these works Company possesses 3 concrete plants, base area for vehicles, steel shop floor, woodworking shop, aluminum and plastic products shop etc. There are all possibilities, qualified personnel of engineers and technicians whose works are very important for executing special construction works qualitatively. Main sphere of is servicing “AZERTUNEL” LLC activities. Our company gives on rent plant/equipment and at the same time provides comprehensive maintenance servicing for plant/equipment. Year by year “AZERTUNEL” LLC pays more attention to the increase of plant/equipment's quantity and their maintenance service. Company's plant/equipment is kept in company owned garage. This Garage is situated in Meliorator str 1, Bull-Bule settlement, Surakhani district, Baku, Azerbaijan. “AZERTUNEL” LLC as construction company is one of the biggest and experienced construction companies in Azerbaijan. It has 12 production sites. Company's material and technical base is supplied by the mechanisms and equipment which are made in Japan, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Austria, Russia, USA, Spain, Italy and so on. Commonly our company's policy is to purchase material and techniques from developed Europe and Far East Companies.