“AzerTunel” LLC is one of the greatest and practised experienced Constructing-and-Mounting Company in. It has 12 production sites. Company’s material and technical base is supplied by the mechanisms and equipments which are made in Japan, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Byelorussia. Commonly our company’s policy is to purchase material and techniques from developed Europe and Far East Companies.

Line of activity of our company:
* Hydro technical devices; water lines; artesian wells; construction of canalization lines.
* Construction of industrial and civil buildings, educational and business complexes, cultural and social objects.
* Projection of Engineering (heating systems, air-conditioning systems, air-conditioning, water and canalization systems, gas supply, heating supply, electric supply and lightening, electric heating, installation of the lift) systems.
* Preparing of supporting columns of buildings, preparing other columns (from stone, blocks and bricks), installation of wooden and glass configuration between the columns.
* Protection of devices and configurations (hydro isolation, roof covering, heating isolation).
* Installation of inside and outside engineering systems (heating system, gas, water and electric, canalization).
* Facade works; restoration and refurbishment.
* Full (capital) refurbishment of apartments (as per design of client offers).
* All other little construction works.
* Executing of special parts of project (HSE rules, security of the sites, organization of construction, preparing all estimate documentation).
* All types of earth works and planting.
* Construction of highways and asphalting.
* Construction of railway-bridge; highway bridge; footbridge and tunnels.
* Boring and explosive works.
* Manufacture of concrete, fundamation and ferro-concrete configurations.
* Manufacturing and installation of iron, aluminium, plastic and wooden doors, windows, window guards, safe doors (as per client's orders).
* Reinforcement of quaysides.
* Driving of concrete & sheet piles; carrying out of static & dynamic test (PDA and CAPWAP).
* Technology and project engineering (executing quality control to construction-mounting and Managing of a construction).
* Geotechnical Investigation works.
* Fabrication and erection of construction structure.
* Transporting of manufactured products.
* Water–lowering.
* Transporting and Lifting works (Cranes with 30÷255 t lifting capacity and providing maintenance).
For executing these works Company possesses 2 Stasionar and 2 Mobile Concrete Plants, base area for vehicles and construction site engines, steel shop floor, woodworking shop floor, subsidiary farming, manufacturing shop of aluminum and plastic products etc. There are all possibilities, qualified personnel of engineers and technicians whose works are very important for executing special construction works qualitatively.